Avoid Wedding Day Disasters!

Learn the common mistakes brides make, and tips on how you can avoid them on your wedding day.

Have you ever thought about:

  • Setting the date first
  • No gap between your ceremony and reception
  • Hiring amateurs or friends for your wedding day
  • Conflict over the guest list
  • Should you have a gift list?
  • What song to choose for your first dance?
  • How to handle divorced parents
  • ...and other decisions you are not too sure about?
  • Then you must read this ebook!

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"It's a good thing I read this before my wedding day! I would've made all the mistakes mentioned in this ebook. Thank God I purchased it."
-Helena, age 32, California

Why You Need This Ebook

Getting good advice for planning your wedding can be tricky. Everyone is different! You're planning probably one of the most expensive events of your life and you want to get it just right. This ebook will help you consider things you won't even have thought about yet. Should you let the photographer take up all of your precious time on the day? Is your well-meaning relative the right person to video the event? Learn from those who have been through it and make an educated, informed choice for the wedding of your dreams. You wouldn't buy a car or a house without doing good, thorough research and this ebook will help you get your perfect day, your way.